NLP – The Neuro-Science of Effective Self Communication

An Article b y Mark Hamilton, C.Ht.

I won’t waste time rehashing the history and foundations of Neuro Linguistic Programming because plenty has already been written on this topic over the years. I will simply attempt to describe what NLP means to me as a therapist and why I utilize NLP personally and professionally and consider it to be a very effective personal development system.

NLP stands for Neuro Linguistic Programming.

Neuro = Neurology (brain & nervous system)
Linguistic = Language/Communication
Programming = A communication method for installing new behavior tendencies and patterns

In a nutshell, NLP works with the structure and strategy of effective self communication. The NLP model provides us with tools and techniques that enable us to:

Become AWARE of the internal representational processes we habitually utilize to produce specific mental and emotional “states” in ourselves. NLP is primarily concerned with the internal processes we run in our bio computer (brain and nervous system) to get ourselves from “state of mind ” A to “state of mind ” B.

NLP techniques then help us to interrupt and install new internal patterns and processes so we can take control of our “states” instead of allowing our “states” to continue to control us and dictate our feelings and actions.

For instance, In order to generate a particular state of mind and emotion (i.e.. happiness, sadness etc), we must re-play memories of certain sights, sounds and feelings (called sub modalities in NLP) along with our associated mental interpretations of meaning (referred to as meta structures) in a specific sequence. Most of this is done unconsciously, especially when it comes to undesired feelings or habits.

NLP teaches us to tune into our internal processing patterns early enough to interrupt and modify them. Everyone has their own unique code of internal representations. When we become aware of our unique processing sequences or “codes”, and intercede before these processes snowball and reach unmanageable proportions, we can intentionally interject and program alternative processes and triggers that produce more resoursefull states within ourselves. NLP is the neuro-science of effective self communication and internal process transformation.

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Mark Hamilton is a Certified Clinical, Medical 5 PATH Hypnotherapist, Certified NLP Practitioner and Advanced EFT Practitioner as well as a highly regarded Professional Stage Hypnotist. For more information visit: or

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